Creation of spaces

We understand the versatility and the possibilities of our property and we want to find the perfect synergy between what you are celebrating and the ideal scenario within La Finka 4.1 so that sharing that which brings you together and moves you becomes a complete and authentic experience.


From the highest terrain of La Finka 4.1 we can look out over the sea from the Garden of freshly cut lawn, caressed by the sea breeze in a space that provides the best acoustics and offers an ideal setting for any type of meeting.


Walls of glass surround the meeting hall of The Finka 4.1 providing a privileged view and passage to the outside green area. 


The Manor is the heart of The Finka 4.1 estate and represents the first stones of a history that goes back to 1308 with the name of Mas Com.


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a greenhouse?
What event would you organize in a greenhouse?


This is the most savage terrain of The Finka 4.1, connected to the Manor and surrounded by an assortment of centennial oak trees.


Surrounded by water and the shade of the trees, an inspiring lake full of Japanese carp, water lilies and marine vegetation offers a relaxing atmosphere in one of the lower levels of The Finka 4.1.


The rich and lush nature of our land allows for the growth of vines of over 200 years that we were able to recover, including a variety which is unique the world over.


The culinary dream of any chef: to gather the vegetables directly from your own garden and cook them at that very moment in order not to lose any nutritional value or flavor.


Beneath a small hill located within the property of The Finka 4.1, hidden and visible only on one side of the estate, we find the 950 m² construction called The Building.